Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mountain Justice Stands with Sandy Survivors

Katuah Allies,

Spend December 27th - January 2nd in Rockaway with survivors of Sandy!  We will be working on community homes, the YANA Center, and much needed campaign support housing.  Those with interest & experience will also be provided the forum to train local individuals on construction, pluming, or electrical skills.

Learn about the plans for the Restore YANA project here:

Logistical Details:

Dates & Times:
Arrive by 5pm December 27th, Leaving anytime on January 2nd

Those without contacts in NYC will be allowed to camp on the beach (we are hearty mountain folks, after all!) with their personal gear.  

Any skill level welcome (including hard working beginners) in: 
Construction, pluming, electrical, mold remediation, tiling, and those willing to get their hands dirty.  Medics, childcare, and kitchen support is also welcome from organizers of the YANA Center.  A list of helpful tools to bring will be sent out by December 20th.

While there are some support kitchens in Rockaway, those who register with Jo will be provided a lay-of-the-land one week prior to our arrival.  This is due to how quickly things are changing on the ground in NYC.

Welcome in 2013 celebrating community resiliency and solidarity with your radical  family!

E-mail Jo @ to register & find out more information ASAP.

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