Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Case has been continued to December 21, 2012

Our lawyer appeared in court on our behalf today. The case has been continued until December 21, 2012. There has ben an ongoing conversation with the chief prosecutor about the case, many involving the arial footage of the arrests. Progress is being made, slow progress, but we continue forward in fighting these allegations of wrong doing.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Arrest affidavits released.

Our lawyer has forwarded the arrest affidavits for our case. As expected, it's a generic affidavit with no facts consistent with our case. The affidavits were identical for both Noah and myself. We're still hopeful this case will be dropped, but prepared to take this case trial. 
On 9/6/11 around 1416 hours the defendant [Garcia] [Morris] was engaged in a
protest at N. Kings Dr. at E. 4th St. The Defendant intentionally and knowingly
blocked traffic by positioning in the center of the intersection in violation of
city code sec 19-241.  Furthermore the defendant was yelling and screaming in
protest amongst a large crowd inflaming the situation.  The defendant was
subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct and obstructing the street (city code
sec 19-241) this occurring in the corporate city limits of Charlotte.
Please donate to our legal defense fund as the case against us is taking way in the courts.
Katuah Medics Legal Defense Fund

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The fight has been continued to November 16, 2011

Our first court appearance was October 17, and our lawyer appeared on our behalf. Jacob Sussman of Charlotte, NC has take on the case and we're delighted to have such a talented litigator on our side.

The case has been continued the case until November 16, which will give us time to review the case and plan the next steps.

Even though the Legal Fund-raiser was a raging success, and we've reached 10% of our goal. Thank you so much to folks who have given so far. We're still reaching out to our community both near and far for support. You can still donate online or contact us at for more information.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Street Medic Training Being Offered at the 6th Annual Mountain Justice Fall Summit

Street Medic Training Being Offered at the 6th Annual Mountain Justice Fall Summit

Coal River Mountain Watch and Radical Action for Mountain People's Survival (RAMPS) Campaign will be hosting the Mountain Justice Fall Summit. The Fall Summit will take place October 28-30 in Raleigh County, West Virginia As part of that summit, the Katuah Medics are planning a 20 hour street medic training. Training will begin Thursday night and continue through Sunday morning. Topics included are first aid/wound care, how to do an effective eye flush, and discussions on police weapons and tactics. Although further training is recommend, people with all levels (including no training at all!) are invited to attend. We also encourage folks who can't participate in the entire training to come out and support the training by volunteering as patients. We ask a $5-25 donation to cover the cost of materials and trainers, with no one being turned away due to lack of funds.

For more information about the summit and medic training, please check out the event webpage.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Katuah Medics arrested at NC DreamTeam

Two Katuah Medics, Noah Morris and Bryan Garcia, were arrested alongside students and organizers of North Carolina DreamTeam during an immigration rally on September 6, 2011. The two medics were not arrested for any wrong doing, but by their mere presence at the scene. The charges against the medics, disorderly conduct and impeding traffic, are baseless and a vain attempt to discourage further participation in future fights for social justice.

These two medics vow to fight the charges in solidarity with 15 other students and supporters. Show your solidarity by supporting the fight that's being taken to the courts.