Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Protest is in the air!

Yes, it's that time where we brush up on our skills, dust off our medic bags and head to the streets. Spring is definitely here, and so it the call to action. First stop, Charlotte!

Your favorite medics will meet you in the streets of Charlotte courtesy of the Protest Bank of America Sharehold Meeting. With the City of Charlotte passing the Articles of Oppression (aka the Extraordinary Event Ordinance), this event is sure to keep the medics busy in the streets. As always, they've got your back.

In preparation of this event we're reaching out to the community, this means you, to have our back. We've successfully raised $1000 in our legal defense fund and we thank you for the support! But with the ever expanding ranks of our group, we've got more medics to cover in the streets. Clean out your couch, check under your car seat, and open your wallets. We're asking for your support during this action, as well as other upcoming events.

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