Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hobet strip mine shut down!

Some of us are back in the NC mountains from West Va where we were part of shutting down the BIGGEST MTR MINE IN APPALACHIA!!

Much has happened post-action with unconstitutionally high bails set on 20 people, a reported beating in the jail and a giant upsurge in the public debate around strip mining in West Va. Use the RAMPS website for best source of updates and to lend support through legal fund, letter writing to prisoners, petition on the ludicrous bail, etc.
RAMPS updates

Katuah Medics are still currently on the ground in West Va to aid in prisoner visitation, support on release and support to campaigners working off this huge action through sleepless nights and much harassment. To directly bolster us in this work, use our donation button on this blog and email us at riseup address also in righthand side bar.

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